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Boarding Services

State-of-the-art kennels, runs, and cat suites for when you're going out of town or need somewhere for your furry friend to stay for the day. Access to 24/7 live camera feed, soothing music to decrease stress and anxiety, Feliway diffusers for cats shown to decrease stress.


Dogs are let out three times daily in our large, fenced-in backyard to play and exercise.


We follow your feeding instructions either with food you've brought from home or our stock food. Bedding, toys, and bowls are provided, but feel free to bring your own from home to make your pet comfortable.


Extra options to round out your pet's stay with us include baths, spa days, additional play time, and more.

Large Run

Perfect for large dogs


Small & Medium Kennel

Great for smaller dogs or dogs who need a top on their kennel to prevent from jumping


Day Boarding

Day boarding only without the overnight stay


Cat Suite

Bi-level suite with space to eat, sleep, play, and use the litter box


Boarding Bath

Bath only


Boarding Bath & Nails

Bath and nails trimmed


Boarding Bath, Blow Out & Brush

Bath, blow dry, and brush out


Spa Day

Includes bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression



Additional Play Time

Additional 15 minute play time each day



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