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Call for a reservation 620-655-4882

Cat Suites: $18.54/night

Small/Medium Kennel: $19.00/night

Large Dog Run: $23/night

(See Images Below!)

Bath w/ Boarding: $17.00

Blow out & brush w/ Boarding bath $40.00

Bath & Nails w/ Boarding: $ 34.00

Nail Trim: $17.00

Spa Day(bath, nail trim, anal glands, ear cleaning): $41.20

Additional Play Time: $3.09/day

Access to live camera feed of

your pet!

Bedding provided

NEW - Safe and Clean facilities

Soothing music played to decrease stress/ anxiety.

Feliway diffusers for cats used in cat areas - shown to decrease stress in cats.

Cat Suite

Cat Suite

Cat Suite

Small/ Medium Kennels

Small/ Medium Kennels

Small Kennel

(That's an 11 year old fitting in the "small" kennel!)




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