Prairie Pet Mobile Vet - Veterinary Care for Southwest Kansas & the Oklahoma Panhandle

We have all the food you need for your pets!

Dog & Cat foods available include over the counter and prescription diets

Avian Diets specific for Parrots, Macaws & Cockatoos, Parakeets

 - Avi-cakes
 - Nutri-Berries
 - Nutri-forage
 - Pelleted diets
 - Vitamins

I highly recommend these foods for birds! They help simulate natural foraging behavior, help prevent boredom & associated behavior issues and ensure a balance diet that is species specific. These diets are high quality! Give your birds the best.

Dr. Norman

Oxbow products for your Pock Pets:

 - Western Timothy Hay
 - Oat Hay
 - Botanical Hay
 - Salad Style Grass Hay
 - Timothy Hay Cakes
 - Orchard Grass Hay
 - Bene Terra Organic Meadow Hay
 - Bene Terra Organic Barley Biscuits
 - Harvest Stacks:
  • Western Timothy Hay
  • Timothy Hay with carrots
  • Timothy Hay with chamomile
 - Eco Straw Litter
Simple Rewards:
 - Cranberry/Rosemary Medley
 - Papaya
 - Banana Treat
 - Strawberry
 - Timothy
 - Veggie

  • Regal Rat
  • Bunny Basics
  • Bunny Basics Young
  • Chinchilla Diet
  • Essentials Cavy Cuisine Guinea Pig (Young & Adult)
  • Healthy Handfuls Hamster & Gerbil Diet
  • Essential Mouse & Young Rat

Timothy Hay 
 - Bungalow
 - Hideouts
 - Lounger
 - Mats
 - Tunnel
A safe way to provide hiding and resting areas for your pets.

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